U.S.New York City launched the state's first encrypted money-losing TPF...A sign of deregulation?

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New York State has launched the first encryption-money task force team by the state government. The fact that New York State, the financial center of the world, is beginning to study the definition and regulation of cryptography is interpreted as a sign of deregulation. New York's move is also expected to have a significant impact on the world's cryptographic currency industry.

Clyde Barnell, a U.S. Congressman of New York State, said on his Facebook page that New York City launched the first TF. "The governor of New York has signed a related bill," he said. "We will discuss the definition of cryptography currency, how to use it, and regulations on it at the TF."

The TF team is composed of technical experts in blockchain, consumers, institutional investors, small investors, and experts in large enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises and academia that run blockchain business. The TF should submit a report on cryptographic currency and blockchain technology to the governor, state parliament and the National Assembly by December 15, 2020.

Many foreign media outlets reported that the New York Block Chain Fund will consider the impact of regulations on cryptography and blockchain industries and the impact of cryptography on regional tax revenue. It also predicted that the government will review other U.S. states, the federal government, and even South Korea and other countries' regulations and laws on cryptographic currency to establish detailed directions and strategies for its activities.

"New York, which leads the U.S. financial industry, will lead the regulation of FinTech in the U.S.," said Barnell, adding, "The TF will try to balance the economy between blockchain industry and cryptographic currency while protecting investors."

New York City enforced 'BitLicense' in June 2015 to require strong security measures for companies that handle cryptography money to protect investors. According to the ordinance, companies that handle cryptography must obtain licenses to use cryptography money and must be audited by the New York Financial Supervisory Service (NYDFS) at least once every two years to prevent money laundering. 

The ordinance is a template for many states and foreign countries in the United States. Due to the strict regulations of the ordinance, the majority of cryptographic companies, including coin base and ripple, left New York, raising concerns. It is expected that New York State will come up with an ordinance that complements BitLicense after discussing it with various stakeholders at the TF.안전놀이터

"With the launch of the New York-based Block Chain TF, it is likely that other states in the U.S. will launch the TF as well as their activities and research results will affect regulations and laws that are blockchain in South Korea as well as in the U.S."

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